Hamburger_lean_1 Beef - GROUND BEEF - 3 lbs of Lean Ground Beef (Nature's Beef) Approx 85% Lean
Grower: Putney Farm and Friends
Price: $18.00 ( 3 - approx 1 lb pkgs)
%> Available (Estimated): 50

All of our beef is locally grown from birth to the finished animal ready for slaughter. We have our meat slaughtered and processed at NW Meat Center in Hodges, SC. All products are vacuum packed and frozen. Since the meat does not come in contact with oxygen, once packaged, it maintains its freshness, texture and flavor longer. Our natural beef has no preservatives or additives added to our product. The color you see and flavor you taste is all natural. All of the meat is grown by local producers, pasture raised and chemical and hormone free.