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News From Putney Farm and Welch and Son Farms

Greetings to all!
We hope that you enjoyed your first CSA Bag. This week’s bag will have even more bounty for you, and recipes to try out your veggies and berries.
We wanted to give you a few tips as well:
It is best to leave tomatoes out of the refrigerator. In this way you will enjoy a wonderful full flavor so unlike refrigerated tomatoes.
With the way the weather has been this season, hardly any tomatoes have yet ripened on the vine for anyone. But we would like to share the bounty with you. We have chosen for you tomatoes that will be able to ripen if you do not refrigerate them. If you receive a “green” tomato and you would prefer a ripe tomato, just allow it to sit on the counter or in a window and it will ripen. It is the heat that will ripen your tomato.

Basil: You will find a bag of gourmet mix basils. Some are lemon, Thai, lime, and Genovese. We have sent you enough basil to make a batch of your favorite pesto. If you happen to not want to make pesto, but still use your basil, you may pat it dry on paper towels, let it air dry, then either freeze it in ice cube trays with water or olive oil, or allow your basil to dry in a basket in the kitchen, or an open paper bag in an airy warm area of the house. I like to put my bags of herbs on top of the fridge where they get warmth and good air circulation. After it dries, crumble or use your coffee grinder to make your own basil (and other) herbs to sprinkle into your meals all year long. We will also send sage to each one of you, and this sage may be dried the same way.
We have sent you a recipe for stuffed Cucumbers. Use the big cukes for recipes like this; just scoop them out and fill with a sour cream or feta mix with herbs for seasoning, slice, and serve as an appetizer.
We have also included a “European” cucumber. These are more tender and no seeds. Great for slicing. To store, please wrap in plastic wrap to keep them crisp.
Believe it or not, we made a delicious soup with all the same things that we sent you today, including sliced cucumbers. With a little seasoning, and some noodles, we had a hearty, healthy meal that only took 20 minutes to cook. The cukes were very good in the soup! The orientals include cukes in their stir fry meals, too. Cucumber is one of the foods that are very healthy and refreshing. They are actually a melon and contain a lot of cooling water. Cukes help you to stay cool and hydrated in the heat. They are so very good in smoothies, too.
We are sure that you will enjoy your CSA. We are looking forward TO THE ENTIRE SEASON WITH YOU.
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If you have questions or comments about your CSA bag, please text me at 864-353-6096 or email or
See you soon!
Donna, Lenard, and Bill.